Tracing the line between house and techno


Mikaere's philosophy is simple: play good music. His DJ sets return focus to the music as its own spectacle, with intuitively constructed sets that play out with a constrained and powerful force and a style that flows through deep house to warehouse techno. Mikaere's easygoing demeanour continues to engage audiences at clubs, parties and festivals.

Note: Mikaere used to preform and release music under the name Chord.

In addition to producing and DJing, Mikaere runs the label Sound & Object. Sound & Object is a platfrom to release his own and friend's music both on vinyl and digital.

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You can download some DJ mixes or view my releases.



A selection of DJ mixes from the last few years. New ones are added to the top of the list.

You can also find the mixes on hearthis.at, or subscribe to the podcast to receive the mixes automatically.

Feel free to get in touch if you are interested in booking me.

I have also released some EPs and remixes.

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Collection of EPs and tracks I have released. Listed from newest to oldest.


Commissioned remixes. Listed from newest to oldest.

Some of these tracks have videos.

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When time and circumstances allow I like to create videos for my tracks. So far there is only the one completed, but hopefully more soon.

If you like what you seen here please get in touch — just to say "hi" or send feedback … anything really.

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If you want to talk to me for any reason — booking request, feedback, remix request or just a friendly chat — please send an email to

You can also find me on Instagram or Facebook.

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